The Flittermouse

The Flittermouse


As with all orchestrations by the Puppet Theatre particular attention was paid to the musical collaboration with the choreography in the Flittermouse. One could say that this principle was driven to its height in this production. When a figure sits, gets up again or makes a step, every move is musically supported. Otto Schenk, one of the most musical geniuses who insinuated this piece said: “No note is by chance.” This can be found in all major opera composers.


The Flittermouse was created between September 1873 and March 1874. Libretto wrote to Richard Genee that after a stage piece by the extremely successful author duo Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halevy created a frame two years previously for “Carmen” which became the most played opera piece in the world. Genee not only created the lyrics but he played a major role in the musical interpretation. Recently it was even discovered that a large quantity of the score came from his pen. He wasn’t credited with any royalties from “The Flittermouse.” It is considered to be the king when it comes to operas and it seized the world in its premier in Vienna. It is one of the few operettas which regularly plays the renowned opera houses such as the Metropolian Opera, The Scala in Milan, The Vienna State Opera House and The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden London.


Johann Strauss

Opera in three Act
Libretto: Richard Genée
Version: Kurt Honolka
Duration: 140 Minutes incl. Pause

Production Team

Puppet Manufacturing: Bernhard Leismüller
Puppet´s heads: Sebastian Demmel
Costumes: Bernhard Leismüller
Stage: Hans Wünsch
Stage Manager: Bernhard Leismüller


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