The Abduction from the Seraglio

About the play


“The Abduction” is a plea for courage, tolerance and forgiving. Mozart creates an historical utopia in front of an exotic stage with two areas of conflict between diverse culture groups. “Nothing is as despicable as revenge.” In the background a racial and religious conflict is emerging and is responsible for the bloodshed. The Abduction from Seraglio is still highly topical.


The Abduction from Seraglio
The Abduction from Seraglio
The Abduction from Seraglio
The Abduction from Seraglio

Stage History

It made its feature on 16 July 1782 in Vienna’s Burg Theatre and was an acclaimed success. The opera then began touring through German theatres. It was performed in Prague in 1783, Leipzig and Bonn as well as in Munich, Salzburg, Mannheim and Frankfurt on the Main. The first performance on 4 April 1783, in Weimar was attended by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and he opined: “All our endeavour…. to confine ourselves to what is simple and limited was lost when Mozart appeared. The Abduction from Seraglio conquered all, and our own carefully written piece has never been so much as mentioned in theatre circles.”


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Opera in three Acts / KV | 384

Libretto: Christoph Friedrich Bretzner
Duration: 120 Minutes incl. Pause


Puppet Manufacturing: Bernhard Leismüller
Puppet’s heads
Sebastian Demmel
Bernhard Leismüller
Bettina Hummitzsch
Stage Manager
Bernhard Leismüller & Ralf Hechelmann



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