Until the Lindau Marionette Opera first staged "Carmen", the opera was thought impossible for a marionette theatre to perform. But the challenge was successfully overcome. With 45 marionettes brought to life by a total of nine puppeteers, "Carmen" is by far the most elaborate production at the Marionette Opera. The fact that many visitors have declared the Lindau "Carmen" the most entertaining performance they have ever seen, is all the more confirmation for choosing this opera.

Stage History

Tchaikovsky was right. "Carmen" is now the most commonly performed work in the history of musical theatre. With this in mind, the early death of the composer Georges Bizet seems all the more cruel. Bizet died just months after the Paris premiere (3 March 1875). He may even have committed suicide, after his work flopped with Paris audiences.
"Carmen" had its breakthrough in Vienna on 23 October 1875. The audience's reaction was enthusiastic from the very beginning, mounting from one act to the next. Productions in Brussels, Marseilles and Lyon followed in 1876, in St. Petersburg, London, Dublin and New York in 1878. In Berlin and Munich, the opera was staged for the first time in 1880. The triumphal success of the opera was now unstoppable.


Georges Bizet

Opera in two Act
Libretto: Henri Milhac und Ludovic Halévy
Duration: 140 Mins. incl. Pause

Production Team


Puppet construction: Bernhard Leismüller
Puppet heads: Sebastian Demmel
Costumes: Bernhard Leismüller
Stage sets: Bettina Hummitzsch
Director: Ralf Hechelmann


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