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The ensemble of the Lindau Marionette Opera includes 12 puppeteers, who are both full-time , and part-time working . Training for the puppeteer takes about 3 years. All members of the ensemble have learned management technique in Lindau. The responsibilities of each player in addition to moving the puppets include all information necessary for conception handles such as curtain , tag, props , etc. Each ensemble member should be musical , and have a solid back , aswell as strong nerves.

Fabian Burisch

Puppeteer since 2014

Barbara Geib

Puppeteer since 2005

Doris Gütschow

Puppeteer since 2008

Ulrike Hempel

Puppeteer since 2018

Bernhard Leismüller

Puppeteer since 1988

Patrick Leismüller

Puppeteer since 2011

Regina Misselwitz

Puppeteer since 2000

Reinhold Pretscher

Puppeteer since 2018

Nita Riedel

Puppeteer since 2000

Angela Schneider

Puppeteer since 2014

Mathilde Schweiger-Stadler

Puppeteer since 2019

Anita Stierle

Puppeteer since 2018


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