Bernhard Leismüller

Bernhard Leismüller is the founder and artistic director of the puppet opera. Undisputedly, he is today one of the elite of puppet virtuosos. In addition, there is almost no area he does not enrich with his creativity. All marionettes, which are today part of the repertoire of the puppet opera, were built by Bernhard Leismüller himself. All costumes were designed and made by him. Choreography and management are also part of his area of responsibility. Bernhard Leismüller brings to the puppet opera fifteen years of playing experience and several years of directing work, including at the Marionette Theater in Bad Tölz, where he began to make puppetry and build under the legendary doll maker Oskar Paul.


Sebastian Demmel

As puppets cannot change their facial expressions, the whole range of emotions has to fit into one face. Yet the style of the Marionette Opera does not allow the characters to be over-emphasised. The wood sculptor Sebastian Demmel always overcomes these obstacles brilliantly. Demmel, who started his career more than forty years ago, and set up his own wood sculpting workshop in Sachsenkam near Bad Tölz in 1970, is one the most in-demand wood sculptors in Germany. He has also excelled in international circles, with work in the USA and Canada, for example. His most recent large commission took him to Portugal in 2002, where he sculpted forty figures of Christ from various epochs, ranging from the 8th century to the modern day.


Martin Gobsch

For many years the Erfurt joiner and Bühnenplastiker Martin Gobsch works as a stage designer and doll farmer, among other things for the puppet theatre willow memory and the theatre of Erfurt. The workshop of Martin Gobsch is since 2010 on the famous Erfurt Krämer bridge. His works enclose all figure play technologies, from table figures through puppets up to the Theatrum mundi, a teschnisch pursued puppet theatre. The cooperation with the puppet opera began in 2011 with the preparations "to The barber of Seville". Figure draughts, sculptor's works as well as the painting of the figures belonged to his duties. There have originated the puppets of strong character which underlines in each case extremely präziese the respective type of the role.

Theater artist

Bettina Hummitzsch


The realistic impressions of spatial depth and dense atmosphere in the stage sets of the Lindau Marionette Opera's productions are down to the talents of the Dresden stage painter, Bettina Hummitzsch, who gained her diploma in design from the University of Visual Arts in Dresden, and has since been involved in numerous stage productions at the Ulm City Theatre and the Bayreuth Festival, among others. She has also demonstrated her considerable skills in applied painting, in presentations for museums and trade exhibitions. It is thanks to Bettina Hummitzsch, who knows better than most how to transform a small stage into a room full of magic, that you feel yourself melting in the shimmering heat of Seville during Carmen and freezing in the morbid atmosphere of La Traviata.


Choreography of the ballet



Jutta Mähr

Jutta Knippschild-Mähr finished your education in the dancer and certificate-dance pedagogue with both legendary choreographers Tatiana Gsovsky and Mary Wigman in Berlin. At the Tatiana's Gsovsky school she informed the master class and transmitted her knowledge, among the rest, to international stars of the classical ballet like Yvette Chauviré and Constance Vernon. As a dancer they led engagements to Dettmold, Hagen, Dortmund and food. Since 1972 Jutta Knippschild-Mähr leads own ballet school in wooden churches near Munich. You owe the puppet opera the choreography of the ballet classic "the Swan Lake" which is to be seen with it for the very first time on a puppet stage.


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